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Mom is elated about not having to put braces on her 10 yr old so early!
“My son has made huge improvements since seeing Dr Rice! Not only are his teeth straighter in the removable guide, but his palate is wider and his tongue has more mobility. We are so grateful for Dr Rice’s expertise. His frenectomy and Vivos Guide has made a world of difference for our son!
Thank you, Dr Rice!”


Dr Rice and her team always keep my smile looking great but they do so much more. Friendly reminders, follow ups if necessary and keeping a careful eye on my health in general!


I had started breaking my back teeth 5 years before I came to Tennessee and started with Dr. Rice. When I fractured another tooth, she recommended a sleep study because excessive clenching was a symptom of sleep apnea. No one had ever mentioned that to me. The sleep study revealed moderate apnea. I started on the Vivos device (in Oct 2018). The moment I put it on I could feel air through my airway like I had never felt before. My palate was expanded, and my lower jaw moved forward to open my airway. At the end of treatment, I had another sleep study done which revealed NO sleep apnea! I sleep so much better and underlying issues have improved – arthritis and back pain. I highly recommend this treatment – and Dr. Kellye Rice!



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