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Do you want to feel better and lose some of that unwanted body fat? Are you wondering why typical "Diet Food" does not work for you? Dr. Rice and our team can help you attain a healthier lifestyle and answer those questions for you through NutriMost -- a wellness and weight loss program that provides each patient an individualized plan that will help you achieve your goals.

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"Patients tell me often that if they just lose weight, then they will stop snoring. While that can be helpful, real sleep breathing issues are more than a weight problem. Ask me how I know? Here’s my story:

Tethered to a CPAP since 2013, I lost over 100 lbs with the NutriMost Program in 2014, but I STILL had sleep apnea. Knowing how so many people struggle with weight loss, accompanied by the large numbers of undiagnosed sleep apnea, led me into this journey of Whole Body Health. Everything that is good for the body comes in through the oral cavity, so let’s get to the root cause of so many of our health issues. If we can live for 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without oxygen, why not start looking at oral cavity shape and structure as a window into better overall health. Clean eating and weight loss are still a part of getting to the root cause of the problem, but why does it surprise so many patients that their dentist can hold the solution to better daytime and at nighttime breathing and better overall health?

So, call now for an airway sleep screening and a BCA/Body Composition Analysis, and find out how I improved my bite and jaw structure and live free from CPAP forever! Start your journey to a better, healthier YOU, today!"

— Dr. Rice

"Together my husband and I have lost over 250 pounds of unwanted fat and unhealthy lifestyle. Since losing the weight, our health has increased and we started enjoying life with our grandsons. We travel and go on adventures, eating to live instead of living to eat.

I have learned so much with this transformation. Please let me share my knowledge and experience with you. As your Nutrimost Coach, I can give you the tools and the info you need for your own transformation. Is feeling sluggish and maybe some extra weight is holding you back from living life to the fullest? Connect with Dr. Rice today!"

— Coach Di


Why Patients
Choose NutriMost

No other program uses our state-of-the-art scales to measure the biochemistry in your body that enables us to help provide you with the information needed to succeed in your wellness journey.

How is NutriMost

NutriMost programs are completely customized for you. They provide the necessary knowledge you need to maintain your new lifestyle even after you have finished your program. We even offer different programs for different stages of wellness. You will also learn what your “Trigger Foods” to avoid that can add extra weight to your personal body chemistry.

Your Program
Right at Home

If life is constantly getting in the way and you’re too busy to meet with a wellness coach, the NutriMost at Home program provides virtual weight loss and wellness support wherever you are.

NutriMost Wellness Brentwood | Cool Springs Laser Dentistry

Discover Real Wellness

Do you want to live a healthier life without the constant stress from not having enough time to make a balanced, nutritious meal? Dr. Rice and our team can help you attain a better lifestyle through NutriMost Wellness in Brentwood - a wellness and weight loss program that provides patients with interactive tools, professional knowledge, and individualized meal plans made to fit their life.

If you’re ready to live your best life and shed the extra weight you’ve been trying to get rid of for years, visit our Brentwood office today to get more information from Dr. Rice.

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See why more people are getting into NutriMost Wellness in Brentwood.

Google Reviews

"I would absolutely recommend Dr. Rice and her staff. I had a dreaded gum procedure today, and they made it so calming. I was stress-free once I got there and they answered ALL my questions before we started and gave me very detailed recovery instructions verbally and in writing!!” - Emily Church

“I love Elaine my hygienist!! She is the best, always does a thorough cleaning and has a great bedside manner.” - Lisa Torrens

“This was a new dentist for me. I was nervous and scared. It didn’t take but a few minutes to settle in. Elaine, the hygienist, was so gentle and I had a pleasant experience. Dr Rice was very reassuring and took all the time needed to explain everything to me. WONDERFUL DENTIST AND STAFF!!!” - Beatrice Witt

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Why Patients Prefer NutriMost

When curating your individualized weight loss plan, we consider your entire health history, medical conditions, and more to ensure we create a safe, comprehensive, and suitable wellness program just for you. Dr. Rice and our team are here to help you discover NutriMost and its incredible benefits.

NutriMost's Patient Success Stories

Every patient who uses NutriMost will experience a different type of body transformation throughout their program. Results may vary, however, NutriMost guarantees up to 20 pounds of weight loss by the end of 70 days.


A personalized program just for you

Healthier, fresher, non-packaged foods

Easily accessible food plans and recipes

Encourages smarter lifestyle choices

Complete support along your journey

Real, guaranteed results


"I went from a size 42 pants to a 34! Never felt better! Don’t wait, just call and schedule your appointment today. You don’t realize how losing the weight can improve every aspect of your life."

— Armond L.


"I was skeptical going in… but I met my goal. It got my body back in line. You have to get your body back to square one so it can perform the way it’s supposed to."

— James W.


"This program completely changed how I eat. I feel great, look great! It’s fun to be back in a size 8 and clothes shopping is now fun instead of a dreadful experience. It was the best decision I have made for my health and love how I look."

— Callie


"At 52 years old, I now weigh what I last weighed at 24 years old. Went from a size 42 to 36. From XXL and XXXL to Large. In the same time frame, my wife is down 43+ as well. Best program invented ever for lifetime health!!!"

— Jeff P.


"My body, my metabolism, the contours of my body and my mental attitude was changed! Other programs don’t do that, but NutriMost does. It all comes down to one thing. do you want to enter your future as you have spent your past, or do you want to make change?"

— Judi R.

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Originally a $100 Value!

Visit Cool Springs Laser Dentistry to receive your body composition analysis today. Dr. Rice and our team are eager to help you begin your journey towards a happier and healthier life.

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