NightLase-A Life Saving Non Surgical Treatment


NightLASE  protocol has been updated and improved! Two of the biggest issue in our country robbing us of good health in America are SNORING and SLEEP APNEA! Do you complain about your partner keeping you awake at night due to snoring issues? Do they refuse to wear their CPAP machine? It can be chaos for some… keeping bed partners sleeping in separate bedroom. We all need sleep to recover and be our best for our day to day activities. Yes, your CPAP may work great for you. Or you may have benefitted from an Oral Appliance from Dr Rice. Even the phenomenal DNA appliance can change not only your restful sleep, but also your daytime breathing and athletic performance.

But, Fotona NightLASE fixes this problem in an entirely different way! The science and results are incredible! Gentle Laser light warms the soft tissue of the soft palate, stimulating collagen in the tissues and shrinking the tissues upward and forward to open the airway without having to wear anything while you sleep. Call Dr Rice for a complementary consultation to see if NightLASE can help you…….or your bed partner!!!!

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