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Improve Your Quality of Life With Myofunctional Therapy

It's time to enjoy eating, speaking, breathing, and sleeping without difficulty. Myofunctional therapy in Brentwood helps children and adults who struggle with improper oral habits that impact oral and overall health. Call us today at (629) 200-6055 to schedule your appointment.  

Get Physical Therapy for Your Smile

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You'd be surprised how much you benefit from proper tongue position, breathing techniques, and oral resting posture. Most of these habits come to us naturally. When they are dysfunctional, it impacts your bite, oral health, and overall well-being. Dr. Rice and her team can correct improper habits in both children and adults with myofunctional therapy in Brentwood. It will:

Improve tongue and mouth rest posture

Prevent orthodontic problems from reoccurring
Call us today at (629) 200-6055 to find out if this treatment is right for you or your child. It may be combined with one or several other treatments to alleviate the problem.

correct alignment issues

If your tongue isn't in the correct position when it's at rest or swallowing, it puts the wrong pressure against your teeth. This can lead to alignment problems. We can teach you exercises that train your tongue to function the right way. 

encourage healthy oral development

If your child shows signs of improper tongue rest or swallow function, we fix the problem before it impacts their oral development. It will help them avoid speech problems, misalignment, and breathing issues in the future.

sleep through the night with ease

Myofunctional treatment has been shown to help patients with sleep apnea disorders. You'll improve your breathing techniques and have the right mouth and tongue posture. As a result, you will improve the airflow in your upper airways. 

Avoid orthodontic relapse

If you have finished orthodontic treatment, you want to avoid getting those alignment issues back. If you have an unaddressed myofunctional disorder, we can correct these issues to keep teeth in proper alignment.

Improve your overall well-being

We encourage you to schedule a checkup to find out if myofunctional therapy is right for you or your child. Our goals will be: 

Correcting tongue and mouth rest posture

Encouraging nasal breathing 
Fixing alignment issues caused by myofunctional disorder
Find out how this treatment will transform your smile and overall health by calling (629) 200-6055 for an appointment.
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Commonly Asked Questions About Myofunctional Therapy

We're answering some of the top questions our patient ask about myfunctional therapy.

What is myofunctional therapy?

Myofunctional therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on the muscles of the face, tongue, and mouth to improve oral function. It is often used to treat issues such as tongue thrust, mouth breathing, and speech disorders. During therapy sessions, patients perform exercises designed to improve muscle strength and coordination, and correct improper habits.

What are the benefits of myofunctional therapy?

The benefits of myofunctional therapy can include improved breathing, speech, and swallowing function, as well as better dental health. It can also help to reduce snoring and sleep apnea, and may be recommended as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for these conditions. In addition, your child's oral development will improve and reduce alignment issues in the future.

how long does myofunctional therapy take?

We can better answer this question when you come in for an appointment.  The timing can vary according to the patient and severity of the condition. It usually takes several months to see the benefits from treatment. However, with consistent practice of the exercises we provide, you'll see significant benefits over the course of therapy.

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