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Since opening her practice in 1986, Dr. Rice has seen many changes in the field of Dentistry. However, it has been most important to her to choose only those technologies that will help her patients in their health and comfort. Here are the technological advances that set us apart in the areas of digital technology and laser dentistry.

3D Imaging

At Cool Springs Laser Dentistry, we’re proud to provide superior 3D imaging from Vatech America. The Vatech Green CT cone beam scanner is an innovative technology that produces high-quality images of your smile in a matter of seconds.

The exceptionally detailed images we get using the Vatech Green CT scanner dramatically improves our ability to develop effective treatment plans for orthodontic care and maxillofacial surgeries. That way, we can provide faster, safer, and healthier care for our patients.

vatech green ct

Digital Radiography

Our staff is trained in all aspects of dentistry but are especially knowledgeable in the means to reduce radiation not only to our patients, but also reducing exposure to themselves. By utilizing Digital XRAY modalities, we are able to decrease radiation exposure to patients and staff. This occurs by the use of faster film speeds, lower exposure settings, and gives us greater clarity enhancements in adjusting the film brightness and contrast on the computer so that we can be more accurate in diagnosing dental disease.

Vatech EZ3D-I

Along with the physical scanner, we utilize Vatech’s EZ3D-I software to obtain perspectives needed for accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Rice uses this software to formulate seamless treatment plans for the dental implant, in addition to providing more accurate TMJ and sleep apnea airway analysis.

This revolutionary software helps our patients visualize the treatment process in advance through the use of its Presentation Mode.

Benefits for Dental Implants: Vatech’s Green CT scanner makes it easy to determine the ideal placement of dental implants. The imaging allows Dr. Rice to find the exact location where the implant should be placed for maximum effectiveness.

Improved TMJ/Sleep Apnea Care: The Vatech Green CT scanner helps Dr. Rice measure the patient’s airway to help determine if they suffer from TMJ or a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea. At Cool Springs Laser Dentistry, we take full advantage of the EZ3D-I software, applying it to patients with TMJ or sleep disorders.

Digital Impression Scans

No one likes the impression “goo” necessary for making a crown or getting an orthodontic retainer! Now, gag no more!! The Cadent Itero digital scanner is here. Since 2015, Cool Springs Laser Dentistry has been using the Itero to enhance not only patient comfort, but to increase accuracy in all areas of treatment. This hand held device goes gently into the mouth and takes digital pictures of the teeth and surrounding areas, with the capability of stopping at any time to rest. Then, we email the images to the lab to create your restorations with precision and the highest of accuracy.

Fotona LightWalker DT and Fotona LightWalker ATS

In the world of Lasers, there are hundreds of different types for different purposes. Here at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry, we have invested in only the best for our patients. The soft tissue NDYAGG 1064 nm laser is used by our doctors and hygienists to enhance the health of your mouth in many ways.

Here is a list of only some of the treatments with our NDYAGG laser:

  • Laser Assisted Micro-Surgical Periodontal Therapy
  • Laser Frenectomy (Tongue Tied Release)
  • LBR (Laser Bacterial Reduction) during your regular cleanings and periodontal cleanings
  • Herpetic Cold Sore immediate pain relief and healing to decrease healing time by half!
  • Sensitivity relief for the root surfaces of your teeth
  • TMJ jaw pain relief using PBM (PhotoBioModulation) Biostim for healing

Here are uses for treatments with our Erbium 2940nm laser:

  • Nightlase Anti-Snoring Laser treatment
  • SmoothLase Facial Rejuvenation
  • Some Tooth Cavity Preps replacing the Drill

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Technology

The goal of dental technology is to make your treatment more effective, safer, and more comfortable.

To employ the latest advances in dental technology, dentists must invest in extensive continuing education and equipment. Dr. Kellye Rice is dedicated to providing her patients with the very best care, which is why she gained certification by the Academy of Clinical Technology and completed advanced study in Laser Dentistry. Dr. Rice constantly strives to remain at the forefront of dental technology.

Here are the top 5 benefits of laser dentistry when compared to traditional dental treatment:

  1. Less pain—many of our patients don’t even need anesthesia shots
  2. No noisy drills
  3. Faster and more effective treatment of sensitivity, decay, gum disease, and other oral health concerns
  4. Reduced risk of infection
  5. Faster healing

Because we use the latest in digital X-ray technology, our patients are exposed to only very low levels of radiation. Digital dental X-rays are safe for children and adults and are an important part of monitoring your dental health.


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