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How to obtain dental insurance coverage for restorative dentistry and more

At Cool Springs Laser Dentistry, we provide a complimentary benefits check for you and help you maximize your insurance benefits. This check can be especially important at the beginning and end of the policy year (which is usually the calendar year).

Maximizing Your Benefits

Navigating dental insurance benefits can be tricky. Most policies limit the number of benefits of each procedure and the total benefit for the year. Dental insurance is different from your medical insurance, and the insurance company’s exposure is limited. Unfortunately, that means you may have dental expenses that are not covered by your policy.

Benefits usually cover routine cleanings and preventative care at a higher rate than restorative treatment. Insurance companies know, just like the oil changes in your car, that preventative care is more cost-effective than restorative care. That’s why they encourage you to visit your dentist regularly just like we do.

The bottom line is, we work personally with our patients to help them have the healthy mouth they deserve while maximizing the benefits they have paid for.

If you want to be sure that your insurance can be used at Dr. Rice’s office, we encourage you to call the number on the back of your card and verify this with your insurance representative

Frequently Asked Questions

Every dental insurance plan is different. For the most part, all plans cover the cost of routine preventive care, including two examinations and cleanings a year. Plans may also cover all or part of the cost of basic procedures like fillings, root canals, and extractions. More advanced dental treatment and cosmetic procedures may require patients to pay out of pocket.

Dental insurance can help offset or even eliminate the cost of dental treatment, but it can take some “know how” to make the most of your policy. At Cool Springs Laser Dentistry, we are experts at maximizing the benefits of our patients’ dental insurance plans and can help you get the most out of your policy.

We ensure that all of our treatments are reasonably priced, but the truth is that dental care can be expensive, even with insurance. To make sure that a healthy smile fits into every budget, we offer a number of financing options and payment plans.

Some dental insurance plans limit the amount policy holders will receive for coverage every year. This is called the annual maximum. Once the annual maximum is reached, patients are responsible for paying for all additional costs. But don’t worry: fewer than 4% of Americans go over their dental insurance annual maximums.


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