ClearCorrect® Aligners or Invisalign® for Straighter Teeth

Acquiring straighter teeth no longer requires uncomfortable metal braces with pinching brackets and multiple wires. Invisible braces align your teeth without restrictions on what you eat, discomfort, or obvious dental work. At Cool Springs Laser Dentistry, you have the options of ClearCorrect® or Invisalign® inserts that coax your teeth into alignment. Dr. Kellye N. Rice can evaluate your mouth and determine if this therapy is right for you. If you live in Brentwood, Tennessee, contact Cool Springs Laser Dentistry to make an appointment, or use the convenient online booking tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aligners are a  set of customized clear tray braces that you wear over your existing teeth. You can remove them when you need to brush your teeth and eat. While you wear them, they exert enough gentle force to bring your teeth into a better position. They fit snug over your teeth and are transparent, so people will not even know you’re wearing them.

Aligners can fix many problems that were once only treated with cumbersome metal braces. These include:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbites, underbites, and crossbites
  • Gapped teeth
  • Open bites
  • Traditional metal braces make cleaning your teeth difficult. With aligners, you can brush and floss as you’re accustomed to, keeping the health of your teeth pristine as you adjust their alignment.
  • You don’t have to forgo sticky, crunchy, or large foods – like whole apples. The aligners slip off easily so you can eat your favorite foods even while you improve your smile.
  • The aligners are also far more comfortable than traditional braces and much more discreet. Most people won’t even notice them.

Dr. Rice begins the process of prescribing your invisible braces by making photographs, radiographs, and digital impressions of your current bite. She sends them to the labs, where they make precise 3D models of your bite and create a series of custom clear aligners designed for you to wear that move your teeth into optimal position over time.

Dr. Rice also develops a treatment plan so you know when to move to the next set of aligners to keep the changes in your teeth progressing. The cost of the preliminary scans go towards your treatment plan if you accept within three months.

For optimal results, wear aligners about 22 hours per day. Dr. Rice directs you to change aligner sets every two to three weeks, depending on your progress.

Plan to wear aligners for several months or up to a year and a few months, depending on the complexity of your treatment plan. In a consultation, Dr. Rice can give you an idea of your specific timeline.

ClearCorrect Aligners Cool Springs TN, Brentwood | Cool Springs Laser Dentistry

Dentistry That Can Change Your Life

ClearCorrect Aligners in Cool Springs utilizes customized clear aligner trays to gradually shift your teeth into alignment. Every two weeks, you’ll swap out your aligners for a new batch that will continue to move your teeth until they’re in the desired position. Best of all, ClearCorrect can straighten your smile in as little as six months.

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Cool Springs is a major commercial center located primarily within the county seat of Franklin, Tennessee. The northern part of Cool Springs falls within the city limits of Brentwood, both of which are within Williamson County.

Driving Directions to Brentwood, TN from Cool Springs, TN:
Get on I-40 E in Henderson County from TN-105 E, US-45W S, TN-104 E/TN-77 E, TN-220 S and TN-104 E
1 hr 11 min (56.4 mi)
Follow I-40 E and I-840 E to Cool Springs Blvd in Franklin. Take exit 68B from I-65 N
1 hr 40 min (116 mi)
Take Mallory Ln to your destination

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"I would absolutely recommend Dr. Rice and her staff. I had a dreaded gum procedure today, and they made it so calming. I was stress-free once I got there and they answered ALL my questions before we started and gave me very detailed recovery instructions verbally and in writing!!” - Emily Church

“I love Elaine my hygienist!! She is the best, always does a thorough cleaning and has a great bedside manner.” - Lisa Torrens

“This was a new dentist for me. I was nervous and scared. It didn’t take but a few minutes to settle in. Elaine, the hygienist, was so gentle and I had a pleasant experience. Dr Rice was very reassuring and took all the time needed to explain everything to me. WONDERFUL DENTIST AND STAFF!!!” - Beatrice Witt

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