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Benefits of Teeth Whitening

How You Benefit From Teeth Whitening with our Brentwood Dentist We all know that certain food and drinks like coffee, dark colas, and wine stain the teeth. But did you know that the natural aging process causes teeth to darken over time, to a yellow, brown or gray cast? Don’t worry, Dr. Rice at Cool […]

Periodontal Disease and How Can You Prevent It

What is Periodontal Disease and How Can You Prevent It? Red, inflamed gums are very common among adults. In fact, the CDC says that almost half of Americans have this and other forms of gum disease. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the condition can be ignored. Without proper treatment, your teeth can literally fall out […]

NightLase-A Life Saving Non Surgical Treatment

CALLING ALL FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES OF SNORERS!! NightLASE  protocol has been updated and improved! Two of the biggest issue in our country robbing us of good health in America are SNORING and SLEEP APNEA! Do you complain about your partner keeping you awake at night due to snoring issues? Do they refuse to wear […]

Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery in Brentwood, TN When you have certain dental problems, dental surgery might be the most suitable form of treatment. In some cases, surgery is needed in order to prevent serious complications from occurring. At Cool Springs Laser Dentistry, our Brentwood dentists provide dental surgery for those who need it. Types of Dental Surgery […]

Your Child Needs Regular Dental Checkups

Child Dental Checkups in Cool Springs Having regular child dental checkups is just as important as taking your kids to the doctor for routine physicals. These checkups help keep your kids’ teeth and gums healthy as they grow and develop. At Cool Springs Laser Dentistry, we provide dental checkups for kids. When to Start Child […]

The Benefits of Regular Dental Exams

Dental Exams in Cool Springs and Brentwood Brushing your teeth a few times a day is a great way to maintain good oral health, but you also need routine dental exams. These exams are a crucial part of keeping your teeth as clean as possible to prevent decay and other problems from occurring. At Cool […]

Preventative Dental Care is the Key to a Life Long Healthy Mouth

Preventative Dental Care in Brentwood Preventative dental care is essential for a healthy mouth and less dental treatment which ultimately helps  you keep your teeth. Preventative care also entails care from your dentist so that issues can be detected sooner and treated in a less invasive manner. There are two primary causes of tooth loss-decay and […]

Symptoms of Gingivitis and What You Can Do About It

Understanding Gingivitis with our Brentwood Dentist Gingivitis is a form of gum disease that can progress into a periodontal disease if treatment is not sought. Thankfully, you do not have to develop gingivitis. Practicing good oral hygiene and scheduling regular dental cleanings with our trusted Brentwood dentists can help prevent and stop the disease. Symptoms […]

Sleep Apnea and Anti-Snoring Laser Treatments

Sleep Apnea and Anti-Snoring Laser Treatments with our Brentwood Dentist Sleep apnea is a common condition that comes in two forms: obstructive and central sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea happens when the upper airways become blocked throughout the night, resulting in the partial or complete stop of airflow. Central sleep apnea, on the other hand, […]

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