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Sore jaws, cracking teeth, and wear on your teeth are indicators of a larger problem. Dr. Rice at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry in Brentwood, Tennessee has several options to help you reduce the effects of teeth grinding and jaw clenching. If you have trouble with any jaw joints or bones, you do not have to just “grin and bear it.” There may be a device to help you have a healthier, pain-free mouth.

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I think I grind my teeth at night, what damage can that cause?

While you may think clenching and grinding are natural and your teeth are strong enough to bear it, the reality is that your jaw is a very strong joint and applies a great deal of pressure on your teeth.  Grinding and Clenching not only wear down the surface of your teeth but can actually cause cracking and loss of teeth.

Can I just use a mouth guard to protect my teeth?

Mouth guards are great for protecting your teeth during sports or other activities but when you sleep with a loose mouth guard, it can cause more trouble than it helps.  We often prescribe an occlusal guard for clenching.  The occlusal guard clicks onto your teeth and cushions the bite so that TMJ and wear issues are mitigated.

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