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Our Dental Hygienists at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry have years of experience taking care of your dental hygiene needs in Brentwood, Tennessee. Whether a thorough cleaning or periodontal checkup, you will have the best possible care. Our routine check-ups include gum health assessment, cancer screenings and doctor exams to catch decay and disease as early as possible. The earlier it is caught and treated the less expensive and less invasive it is. You will always be informed and included in the evaluation of the best care for your needs.

Preventative Care Q & A

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How often do I need to have a cleaning?

The frequency of your cleaning depends a lot on your oral health, your overall health and the balance chemical balance of your mouth.  The rule of thumb for a healthy patient is every six months but we often need to see patients every 4 or 3 months if we are trying to keep the disease at bay and your mouth as healthy as possible.  The healthy mouth is the key to overall good health.

Why do you take x-rays every year?

Many problems with your teeth and gums can be seen with the naked eye, but usually that means the problem has progressed further than it should.  By taking x-rays we can see active decay before it starts to affect large portions of your teeth.  When we find decay early you can have less expensive treatment and preserve more of your natural tooth structure

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