Preventive Care

Our Dental Hygienists at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry have over 70 years, collectively, of experience taking care of your dental hygiene needs in Brentwood, Tennessee. Whether a thorough cleaning or a special periodontal checkup, you will have the best possible care. Our routine check-ups include gum health assessment, visual and Velscope cancer screenings and doctor exams to catch decay and disease as early as possible. The earlier it is caught and treated the less expensive and less invasive it is. You will always be informed and included in the evaluation of the best care for your needs.

Preventative Care Q & A
Cool Springs Laser Dentistry

How often do I need to have a cleaning?

The frequency of your cleaning depends a lot on your oral health, your overall health and the balance chemical balance of your mouth. The rule of thumb for a healthy patient is every six months but we often need to see patients every 3 or 4 months if we are trying to keep the disease at bay and your mouth as healthy as possible. The healthy mouth is the key to overall good health.

Why is LBR (Laser Bacterial Reduction) so important for me to receive during my cleaning?

There are many benefits to having laser bacterial reduction. Although laser bacterial reduction is not meant to replace other treatment therapies that are used to treat periodontal disease and inflamed gums, LBR is an additional treatment that we used to promote oral and overall health using innovative and non-cutting technology. LBR immediately reduces the bacteria in the mouth from Billions to just hundreds. There are many reasons that we treat patients with a dental laser at their routine cleanings, which include:

  • Laser bacterial reduction can reduce or eliminate Bacteremias, which is a type of bacteria that can easily enter the bloodstream and have a negative impact on an individual’s overall health, especially patients with artificial joints.
  • LBR can be an effective way to prevent the spread of infection to other areas in the mouth.
  • It can kill the bacteria that is associated with periodontal disease before there is an attachment loss to surrounding structures.
  • By destroying dangerous bacteria in the mouth, it can boost an individual’s overall immune system.
  • Laser bacterial reduction can improve overall health.

Other advantages of having laser bacterial reduction over conventional treatments include minimal tissue damage, less swelling and bleeding, and reduced post-treatment discomfort in patients.

Why do you take x-rays every year?

Many problems with your teeth and gums can be seen with the naked eye, however usually that means the problem has progressed further than it should. By taking x-rays we can see active decay before it starts to affect large portions of your teeth. When we find decay early you can have less expensive treatment and preserve more of your natural tooth structure

What is the Velscope technology and why do I need it?

There is no substitute for a thorough visual cancer exam on all our patients.  But we also provide the technology of Velscope florescence to allow us to see any early changes to the oral mucosa that might indicate early oral cancer. Studies show that oral cancer will affect 49,000 people this year. The female population in the age category of their thirties will be affected most. Ask about how you can be more certain of being oral cancer free at your next cleaning visit.

How can I prevent cavities even as an adult?

Even as adults, we are subjected to the possibility of getting cavities. At Cool Springs Laser Dentistry we do preventive resins on our adults whenever possible and appropriate. The simple act of sealing a tooth in its groove can keep you from spending thousands of dollars in restorative dental visits. So ask it that is right for you at you next visit. Also the use of our special fluoride toothpaste can help prevent root cavities and problems around crowns, helping them to last longer. Call our office to see if these products would help you. Make sure that if you have symptoms of Gastric REflux disease, that you discuss that with Dr RIce and your physician. This condition can cause a condition known as root caries, a widespread decay condition that can be devastating and costly to repair.


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