Laser Gum Treatment

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With the latest technology in laser science we at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry have the ability to treat infected gums without the use of a scalpel or long healing times. With the laser, Dr. Rice can eradicate the germs infecting your gums and healing starts right away. Located in Brentwood, Tennessee, it is a much more effective treatment and gets you on the road to a healthy mouth fast.

Laser Gum Treatment Q & A

Cool Springs Laser Dentistry

Does the laser hurt?

The laser is an intense light and can cause the area being treated to become warm, but at the healing settings that Dr. Rice uses you will not have discomfort as she shines the laser on the infection and sterilizes the infection.

How does that work?

Simply put, the laser kills the bacteria that has infected your gums and allows the natural healing process to begin.  It is an amazing breakthrough in gum health care.

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