Meet Our Providers

  • Elaine Jonas
    Elaine Jonas has been a faithful hygienist at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry for over 21 years! Her periodontal experience in her career is invaluable to Dr. Rice in getting patients to their optimal gum health. She is a New Jersey native, but has raised her 3 children right here in Middle Tennessee. Her time is now spent taking care of patients and having fun with her 4 grandsons!!!! And while she is expecting 2 more, she might be hoping for a granddaughter!!!!

  • Janeane Kinnaman
    Janeane Kinnaman has been contributing to the world of dentistry for over 40 years. She started out as a dental assistant right out of high school and quickly learned that she wanted to further her education into dental hygiene. She received her degree in dental hygiene from East Tennessee State University and has worked for Dr Rice for the past 9 years, since late 2008. She also teaches in Dr Rice's Dental Assistant Certification Program, the Dental Assistant School of Nashville, and is most beloved by her students!!!

    She is married to Terry for over 35 years. They just married off their only son, Kreg, in January 2018. What a great family!

  • Kaye Burton
    Kaye Burton has been a valued part of Dr Rice's team for over 26 years! In fact, she was the very first employee when Dr Rice opened her practice in 1986, being absent for only 6 years while her family lived in Georgia! Kaye knows exactly what patients are fearful of, and how to calm their fears. She is also extremely knowledgeable about dental insurance, payment plans that work well for patients, and how to be the advocate for our patients. If you need help with your treatment, call Kaye and she can work it out.

    Kaye is married to Randy for over 32 years. They live in Franklin and have 3 boys. She is a proud Franklin High School Football Mom, even though her youngest son graduates this May 2018!!!!

  • Kellye Rice,
    Cosmetic, Laser and Sleep Dentist
    Dr. Kellye N. Rice graduated from David Lipscomb University in 1982 with a BA in Biology, and 1986 with a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) degree from University of Alabama, Birmingham. She has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry since she opened her practice in Cool Springs in 1986.

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  • Himanshu Patel,
    General and Family Dentist
    Dr. Himanshu J. Patel provides exceptional dental care to families in Brentwood, Tennessee at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry since 2016.

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  • "I found everyone at this practice to be exceptionally professional, pleasant, and helpful. This level of care is superior, and the staff goes above and beyond."
    KELLY T.
  • "Highly recommend! Did not feel like I was being treated with a "cookie cutter" solution to a dental issue. Greatly appreciated!"
    CINDY R.
  • "Making the decision to go to this practice was a wise move. Everyone is professional and friendly. They are thorough and explain everything to you."
    SAM M.
  • "I always feel at ease when I'm in the dental chair. She makes sure that I am comfortable at all times and that I am not in any pain whatsoever."
    HALEY R.
  • ""Been going their since 2005. She completely reversed my early gum disease and corrected my poorly done old crowns and later helping me on the cosmetic side."
    ROB A.