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Your Child Needs Regular Dental Checkups

Child Dental Checkups in Cool Springs

Having regular child dental checkups is just as important as taking your kids to the doctor for routine physicals. These checkups help keep your kids’ teeth and gums healthy as they grow and develop. At Cool Springs Laser Dentistry, we provide dental checkups for kids.

When to Start Child Dental Checkups

When should your kids start going to the dentist for routine checkups. Ideally, you should schedule the first visit after kids get their first tooth. At the latest, they should have their first checkup by the time they turn one year old. Keep in mind that even baby teeth can get cavities, so it is important to have your kids’ teeth checked as early as possible. 

Reasons for Dental Checkups for Kids in Cool Springs

These checkups provide our dentist with a way to check for signs of problems with the way your child’s jaw and bite are developing. During these checkups, our Cool Springs dentist also checks for early signs of tooth decay and provides you with advice on caring for your child’s teeth to keep them healthy.

What to Expect at the First Visit and at Routine Visits

At the first visit, our dentist will check and clean your child’s teeth gently. During routine visits, our dentist will continue checking your child’s oral development and doing thorough cleanings. 

Tips for a Smooth Dental Checkup

To make sure that these checkups go smoothly, avoid making appointments during your child’s regular naptime. You should also make sure that your child has a light snack to eat beforehand to prevent fussiness from hunger during the checkup. Just brush your child’s teeth before coming in for a checkup. Try to keep your child as calm as possible during the exam and cleaning.

Contact Our Dentist in Cool Springs

If you have kids who are due for child dental checkups, please contact Cool Springs Laser Dentistry to make an appointment at 615-649-0556. Our dentist in Cool Springs provides these checkups for patients in the greater Brentwood area, including Nashville and Franklin.


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