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Our Cool Springs Laser Dentistry Discusses When It’s Time To Visit a Dentist

Proper oral care is a routine part of health needs that people need to adhere to so problems do not arise. At the first signs of a dental problem or if a cleaning is needed, contact Cool Springs Laser Dentistry in Brentwood to make an appointment with our dentist. Here are some of the times when it is best to obtain help from our dentist so your teeth and gums remain in the best of health.

Whenever Pain Is Felt

Pain in the teeth or gums indicates there is a problem present that needs to be checked over by our dentist. If you fail to have your mouth assessed, there is a chance the problem will worsen. This could lead to extreme pain or the need to have a tooth pulled in the future. Slight pain could be the result of something being stuck between the teeth. Try flossing in an attempt to remove any foreign bodies. If pain does not subside after this procedure, if it is constant, or if you notice redness, have bleeding of the gums, or cannot eat, it is best to call our dentist to make an appointment for an assessment.

Routinely For Cleanings

It is best to see our dentist at least two times per the calendar year. During these appointments, your teeth will be evaluated closely to determine whether there is a need for treatment of any kind. Our dentist will make recommendations regarding the repairing of teeth and will make subsequent appointments if necessary. Routine appointments also provide our dentist with a history of your teeth to look back at should a problem arise in the future. Cleanings of your teeth are conducted during your semi-annual appointments.

Contact Our Cool Springs Laser Dentistry For Improvement Of Your Smile!

If you wish to fix your smile cosmetically, contact our practice to make an appointment with our dentist. Teeth whitening procedures, the repairing of broken teeth, and straightening of teeth out of alignment will boost your confidence tremendously. Simply contact Cool Springs Laser Dentistry in Brentwood by calling 615-649-0556 to schedule a session with our dentist.


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  • "I found everyone at this practice to be exceptionally professional, pleasant, and helpful. This level of care is superior, and the staff goes above and beyond."
    KELLY T.
  • "Highly recommend! Did not feel like I was being treated with a "cookie cutter" solution to a dental issue. Greatly appreciated!"
    CINDY R.
  • "Making the decision to go to this practice was a wise move. Everyone is professional and friendly. They are thorough and explain everything to you."
    SAM M.
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    HALEY R.
  • ""Been going their since 2005. She completely reversed my early gum disease and corrected my poorly done old crowns and later helping me on the cosmetic side."
    ROB A.