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A Quick Guide to Teeth Whitening

If you are concerned about the color of your teeth, taking proactive steps to conduct teeth whitening is most likely an action you have considered. There are a few ways you can obtain whiter teeth, both at home and with help from our dentist at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry in Brentwood. Here is some information about teeth whitening to read over and how our dentist can help you achieve the smile you desire.

Teeth Whitening You Can Try At Home

If you are suffering from discolored teeth, there are a few methods of teeth whitening that you can try in the comfort of your home that may brighten them. A mixture of baking soda and water can be used as a toothpaste to whisk away surface stains. It is best to only use this type of toothpaste once a weak as it is strong enough to remove enamel on your teeth along with stains if used too often. Rubbing the interior of a banana peel or strawberry can minimize staining. Using hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash can reduce discoloration as well.

Why It Is Important To Treat Discolored Teeth

If your teeth are discolored, it is best to see our dentist to rule out underlying conditions that require intervention. You may have a tooth with a dead root that requires monitoring or replacement. Treating discolored teeth will boost your self-esteem, making it easier for you to go about your daily activities without embarrassment.

How Our Dentist Can Improve Your Smile

If home remedies do not work, a trip to see our dentist is an option. Our dentist will do an assessment of the discoloration of your teeth and treat any dental problems as needed. Whitening the teeth can be done with safe bleaching processes. These do not cause discomfort and whiten teeth substantially. If bleaching is not an option, the addition of a crown, white filling, or veneer can be done on an affected tooth. To find out more about teeth whitening, contact Cool Springs Laser Dentistry in Brentwood. Call us at (615) 649-0556.


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